The most important features in the BookmarksHome stylesheet are the colors and the font size. The #XXXXXX values are values for colors. The best way to find the colors you like is to use some kind of color chooser (the style tab of the options window contains a simple color chooser too). You can change the font size by changing the em values (e.g. from .8em to .7em or 1.2em) or px values of the font(-size) property. If you want to know more you can read this stylesheet tutorial.

To use one of the stylesheets on this page, choose Online... in the menu with style names under the Style tab in the options window.

Don't let yourself be discouraged from sending in your stylesheet if you donīt know how to make one as advanced as those below; finding good colors is an art in itself, so someone elseīs stylesheet with only the colors changed is welcome too!

Some examples of styles...
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